Growth Regenerator


Maximize your hair growth potential and enhance your (Anna Lu’s Growth Oil)absorption rate with this regenerator.. 

Trichologists and other medical professionals have used micro-needling rollers to stimulate hair growth for years. Now, you can get the same benefits of micro-needling in the comfort of your home with the Cuttgame Fresh Hair Loss Regenerator.

What It's Formulated To Do
• You will increase hair growth on your scalp by providing increased circulation and blood flow to your follicles, leading to stronger and healthier hair.
• Stimulates new hair growth and activates dormant follicles.
• Triggers nutrient-rich blood and collagen to the skin's surface to improve hair growth.
• Designed to be safe, painless, and easy to use.

Using your Hair Loss Regenerator:
Before using your roller: 
• Wash your hair and scalp
• Sanitize your HLR
Now you're ready to roll! 
To use your roller: 
Step #1: Gently roll across your concern areas in a vertical pattern 5 times
Step #2: Repeat in a horizontal pattern.
Step #3: Repeat in a diagonal pattern 
Best used in conjunction w/ Anna Lu’s Growth Oil

After using your roller: 
• Rinse hair and scalp with warm water.
• Cleanse and sanitize your HLR. We advise using 70% isopropyl alcohol. 
Now you can begin your hair care routine!  

1.5mm Titanium needles 

0.5mm Titanium needles